MFA Suite™

MFA Suite™

Update (06/19/2022): A new release of INCA (v2.1) software is now available for download. If you are an existing licensee, please download the zip file from "My Premium Content" section of VUe-Innovations after logging in with your username and password.   

The MFA Suite™ (Metabolic Flux Analysis Suite) is a software toolkit providing a powerful approach for quantifying the rates, or “fluxes”, of intracellular metabolic pathways.  The information generated from the MFA Suite of tools is useful for identifying pathway bottlenecks, elucidating network regulation, and quantifying the flow or fate of carbon within a biological system.

By systematically accounting for all extracellular carbon inputs and outputs and all major intracellular pathways, MFA can be used to reconstruct comprehensive flux maps depicting cell metabolism. The first MFA application, ETA, is provided as a set of MATLAB P-files via this website, and may be licensed and downloaded free of charge.

MFA Suite has a new application, INCA (Isotopomer Network Compartmental Analysis), which is a MATLAB-based software package for isotopomer network modeling and metabolic flux analysis. Academic users may license and download the INCA application free of charge.

Read more about INCA in the recently published paper: INCA: a computational platform for isotopically non-stationary metabolic flux analysis, Jamey D. Young. Bioinformatics, first published online January 11, 2014.